BMW traps carjacker with remotely activated door locks

BMW traps carjacker with remotely activated door locks
The phrase ‘thick as thieves’ could apply to this carjacker who was reportedly trapped inside a BMW 550i by the vehicle’s remote locking device as he attempted to steal the car.

The incident, which took place in Seattle last month, occurred when the 38-year-old man became stuck in the car after the door locks were remotely activated by BMW intentionally when police contacted the car maker.

A report from the Seattle Police Department said the thief had been prowling around cars for hours before he came across the unlocked BMW in a parking garage with the keys inside –  the owner had loaned the car to a friend who had accidentally left the key fob inside.

Taking a chance, the suspect entered the car and drove off. When the owner discovered her car was not where she’d left it in the early hours of the morning, she called the police who then contacted BMW’s head office.

BMW staff were able to remotely lock the car doors, trapping the thief inside.

The company was able to track the vehicle and when police located the car, they found the thief inside, fast asleep with the engine still running.

Once police attempted to rouse the suspect, he did try to drive away according to the report, but was unsuccessful.

"Police arrested the 38-year-old man, and found he was carrying a small amount of methamphetamine. He was booked into the King County Jail for auto theft and drug possession," wrote Jonah Spangenthal-Lee on the SPD news site.

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