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Pumpkin head: Hilarious Halloween VIDEOS teach a lesson for all

Pumpkin head: Hilarious Halloween VIDEOS teach a lesson for all
A family pumpkin carving party in Vancouver, Washington almost became the stuff of nightmares when a girl found herself in a very sticky situation after deciding to put her head inside a pumpkin.

The video begins like an ordinary family home movie, with the children gathered around the kitchen table to show off their pumpkin carving skills.

Moments later, the eldest daughter, Rachel decides to show just how big her pumpkin is by claiming she could fit her head inside.

“I don’t think it’s happening,” mother Kristy Ralphs says as Rachel attempts to stick her head in her pumpkin.

“I can do it,” Rachel, says as she slowly squeezes her head in, inch by inch.

Before long, her head is fully enclosed by the pumpkin and, with the help of her brother, she slowly stands up.

After a moment, she wants out and lowers her heavy pumpkin head back to the table where she quickly realizes she’s stuck.

Her brother tells her it’s her ponytail that’s the problem as she struggles to escape. “I can’t get it off!” she says.

“You sound like you’re giving birth,” her mother responds as Rachel groans.

The father eventually joins the scene and suggests calling the fire department.

The video ends before Rachel is freed from her orange prison, but luckily, her mother shared a second video after she is de-pumpkined.

“I was able to get my hand in there and take out her hair elastic on her ponytail,” Kristy later explained on Facebook. “After wiggling her head around with the help of dad she was able to maneuver her way out.”

“I just thought it would be funny,” a dishevelled Rachel says.