Say boo: Ghost photobombs mother in clearest-ever phantom pic (POLL)

Say boo: Ghost photobombs mother in clearest-ever phantom pic (POLL)
A mother in Glasgow has taken a picture of an apparent ghost with the image so clear you could add an Instagram filter and post it online.

Louise Murphy took what may be the best picture yet of an apparent ghost at a Museum in Scotland’s biggest city. Bathed in bright light, a figure resembling a young child can be seen apparently waving at the camera.

Murphy was visiting the museum with her 8-year-old son Owen at the time and said that no-one else was present. She denied it was fake, telling the Express“I would happily send the picture off for experts to check it to prove it has not been. I don't even know how to use Photoshop.”

The photo was taken at the Riverside Museum, where replica streets and shops dating back to 1895 are displayed. Murphy’s picture was taken while visiting a Victorian-themed street, a period in British history in which plenty of creepy things happened.

Murphy believes the presence in the image to be that of a young girl “wearing a dress with flowers on it. It has long brown curly hair too.” Some have speculated that the dark circular part of the face area seen on our left is an eye.

Surprisingly she said that if she had known at the time the ghost was present she would have taken “more pictures to see if I could catch her again on camera,” instead of doing what a normal person would do - run away from that demon child as quickly as possible.

Tell us what you think. Is this finally proof that ghosts exist or was this simply a cheeky child pulling off an elaborate photobomb?