MapleStory madness: Gamer 'addict' smashes car into Nexon HQ over 'ruined life'

MapleStory madness: Gamer 'addict' smashes car into Nexon HQ over 'ruined life'
A drunk gamer intentionally smashed his car into the Korean headquarters of Nexon, publisher of the online role-playing game MapleStory, claiming the company's games "ruined his life."

After drunkenly smashing his car through plate glass, the 33-year-old Chinese man told police that Nexon's free-to-play games had "ruined his life," The Korea Herald reported.

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The company's games include MapleStory, which boasts 50 million players worldwide and brought in US$215 million in revenue in 2015.

Lee is not the only person who has let a game addiction affect his driving. Just last week, a man in the US crashed his vehicle into a police car while playing Pokemon Go.

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Meanwhile, Nexon has also been targeted because it fired a Korean voice-actress for posting a photo wearing a feminist t-shirt.

Kim Ja-yeon tweeted the photo along with the statement “I don’t need a hero. I need a friend” - a line from 'Star vs. The Forces of Evil,' an American animated fantasy series where she voiced the role of Star Butterfly.

The decision to replace Ja-yeon in an upcoming role sparked anger on social media, including from some cartoonists who called for a Nexon boycott.