Brown or blonde? New color controversy erupts online

Brown or blonde? New color controversy erupts online
One girl’s hairstyle has gone viral, thanks to a flip of the hair that looks like magic.

Reddit user Achoo_Gesundheit uploaded a freaky gif that shows her hair go from brown to blonde with a single flip of her ’do. 

The girl has an unusual and very cool dye job that allows her to switch from brunette to blonde in seconds.

The mysterious gif received hundreds of comments, and had some Reddit users mystified as they debated whether it was special effects, an optical illusion or a new version of the infamous dress debate that divided the world into two camps, with some seeing a blue-black dress and others seeing a white-gold one.

One Reddit user claimed they saw blue and black hair, while another claimed they saw white and gold. 

A few people were reminded of a scene from ’90s movie ‘The Craft’. 

Others pointed to the dual hairstyle coming in handy for a quick getaway from the law. 

People were quick to point out other benefits that come with such a coiffure. 

One user claimed they once had a Barbie doll that did the same thing. 

The two-tone hairstyle is more common than you might think. Some users claimed to have sported similar styles.