Watch the epic moment 3.7km-long dam explodes in China (VIDEO)

Watch the epic moment 3.7km-long dam explodes in China (VIDEO)
Police have blown up a dam in central China in an explosive effort to disperse floodwaters.

Using 27 metric tons (27,000 kg) of dynamite, police blew up the dam separating two lakes on Thursday morning, causing an impressive domino-effect of explosions reminiscent of Vegas’ Bellagio fountains.

The 3.7km embankment runs between the Liangzi and Niushan Lakes, which had been connected before their artificial separation in 1979. The explosion saw the lakes merging into one again, allowing 5,000 cubic meters of floodwater to disperse from Liangzi to Niushan, which had lower water levels.

After the explosion, a dark brown cloud lingered overhead as the water began to flow.

"We have spent a whole night planning for the explosion, and it went well at 07:00 today,” Li Gui, deputy commander of the Armed Police Hydropower Troops explained. “Now, the dyke [dam] between Liangzi Lake and Niushan Lake is completely destroyed and the Liangzi Lake has become larger than before."

China has been hit with heavy rainfall and storms over the past few weeks, leading to more than 170 deaths across the country.

The Hubei region has been hit with floods since mid-June, causing water levels in the Liangzi Lake to reach record highs, and rise above safety levels.

More than 1,600 people were evacuated from the area before the explosion took place, according to CCTV News.