Handshake hell: Obama’s awkward threeway with Trudeau & Nieto (VIDEO)

Contender for the most awakward handshake of all time? © Chris Wattie
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau became the latest politician to struggle to shake the hand of US President Barack Obama, resulting in a very awkward threeway handshake which also involved Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

The complex handshake, which occurred at a summit of North American leaders in Ottawa on Wednesday, proved too much for the leaders to pull off, causing an epidemic of cringes from uncomfortable viewers.

If Trudeau had done his research he would have known that Obama has proved to be an incredibly difficult man with whom to shake hands.

Maybe next time they’ll rehearse before being so ambitious.

Plans for a four-way handshake involving Russian President Vladimir Putin are unconfirmed.