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Smokey & the bandit: Getaway car deploys smokescreen & spikes in bizarre police chase (VIDEO)

A wannabe James Bond attempted to evade Lithuanian police by throwing an array of obstacles their way.

This dashcam last week captured the Volvo-driving suspect deploying a smokescreen and deploying spikes.

It was not enough to deter police who stayed on the driver’s tail despite the poor visibility and perilous road conditions.

Look closely and you’ll even see spikes deployed by the driver bouncing of the windscreen of the cop car with tank-like resistance.

After the driver failed to pull over peacefully, in blatant disregard for the safety of others on the road, the police were left with no choice but to ram them off the road.

Perhaps this chase will inspire a re-write of the new James Bond film, once they figure out who is going to play him.