‘Does a 14yo write these?’ Newspaper slammed for ‘disgraceful’ Muhammad Ali front page

‘Does a 14yo write these?’ Newspaper slammed for ‘disgraceful’ Muhammad Ali front page
Angry admirers of late boxer Muhammad Ali branded British tabloid The Sun “utter scum” and “disgraceful” for running a front page in memory of Ali under the headline “Float like a butterfly sting like R.I.P.”  

After the newspaper published a preview of its front page on Twitter late on Saturday, social media users were quick to air their outrage at its decision to use such a pun to mark the legendary boxer’s death.

“Jesus Christ, does a 14 year old write these headlines?” wrote @SeanMR18 on Twitter, while others felt it may have been written by someone even younger.

Those opinions were echoed by numerous other netizens, who described the headline as “shocking” and “hideous.”

Others just took aim at the newspaper as a whole, which is owned by a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, branding it a “pathetic rag.”

Some found the headline so abhorrent that they even called for those behind it to be fired.

Only in April, The Sun drew the ire of the public for failing to acknowledge the verdict in the historic Hillsborough inquest on its front page. The paper had instead relegated it to page eight.

The paper had also courted controversy the previous month, when it decided to print a picture of Adam Johnson, a former Sunderland player convicted of engaging in sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl, alongside the headline “Paedo In His Speedos.”