Smoker sets crotch on fire in epic burning alcohol fail (VIDEO)

Smoker sets crotch on fire in epic burning alcohol fail (VIDEO)
Recording yourself lighting a cigarette from a glass of burning alcohol may seem like a good idea… oh wait… that’s never a good idea, and this video shows exactly why.

In what is surely the internet’s epic fail of the day, a young Chinese man accidentally sets his crotch on fire while filming a ‘Look how cool I am with this cigarette’ video.

The footage begins with the young daredevil carelessly dipping his fingers into a glass of burning alcohol to transfer the flame to his cigarette.

After displaying dazzling cigarette lighting skills, the guy leans into the camera and says he will now drink the flaming alcohol - and that’s when chaos ensues.

Before reaching his mouth, the fiery alcohol spills directly onto the man’s lap, setting his crotch alight.

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The panicking man struggles to stand and shouts “Help me! Help me!” to an off-camera companion who eventually enters the shot and frantically tries to extinguish the spreading fire.

The struggling pair also knock other items into the flaming alcohol in the process.

The video cuts off just as the man’s screams begin to die down, giving hope that efforts to extinguish the flames from around his body were succeeding, although his current health status is not known.