Very narrow escape: Lucky motorcyclist rides straight through car collision (VIDEO)

Donday Taganrog
A motorist has narrowly escaped death after cars smashed inches from him on a Russian highway. Being in the epicenter of the accident, he was between the devil and the deep sea… but rode as if nothing had happened.

The incident took place on a highway near the city of Taganrog in southwestern Russia on Thursday, Russian media reported, citing police officials.

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A 41-year-old driver of Toyota car apparently lost control of their vehicle and collided with a near-by Nissan.

The footage shot by the DVR (digital video recorder) of a passing car shows an action-style scene: the Toyota smashes the Nissan, which is seen veering off the road and overturning several times.

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As for the motorcyclist, who was inches from the scene of the incident, he just drove on through the dust clouds.

A female passenger in her 50s is said to have suffered injuries and was taken to hospital.