On The Wire: Baltimore cop confronted for littering by video vigilante

A Baltimore citizen turned the tables on this police officer. © Thesupervideosss
Fans of the hit TV show ‘The Wire’ already know about the unique relationship between Baltimore’s citizens and its police force, but a new viral video shows us just how empowered real-life residents are to confront the ‘boys in blue’.

One Charm City cop got policed by a mystery man armed with a camera who caught him throwing his cigarette butt on the ground.

“Would you want somebody to come around your neighborhood and do that to you?” he asks the officer who seems caught off-guard.

The officer obliged and fulfilled his duty to clean up the streets by disposing of his butt in a nearby Legends Fried Chicken, leaving our hero to move on to his next good deed.

Lester Freamon would be proud.

The video vigilante had a lot more luck than these guys after they confronted a cop in Louisiana over his littering and received a response that wasn’t exactly Southern hospitality.