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12 Apr, 2016 16:27

Cosmic inspiration: How modern-day enthusiasts pay tribute to Gagarin

From hip clothing to funky dance moves, Gagarin is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the pop-culture and social media generation. RT has made a compilation of how we-the-people-of-today commemorate the first man in space.

Gagarin went to space and all I got was this lousy T-shirt” is something these kids are not going to say. Their parents have taken a serious approach to raising a new generation of Gagarins, outfitting them with complete (albeit tiny) space suits.

And for those too grown up for the adorable costumes, there are Happy Gagarin pins.

UBER goes into space. The taxi service has joined the global glee and moved from usual vehicles to space-cars to commemorate the day. 

Gagarin vs. Cosmo-cat: going cat crazy to celebrate holiday spirit. 

How about Gagarin art? The Russian cosmonaut has been drawn by thousands of artists over the years. Considering he is often referred to as the most smiling spaceman ever, we’re sure he would have loved some of his portraits!

Turning Moscow metro-cars into museums-on-wheels has become something of a tradition. Muscovites seem to enjoy the Gagarin train.

Gagarin Jam has not become a genre of music in its own right just yet, but quite a few songs have been composed about him…

… and they come in a range of styles to suit any music (and space) lover’s taste.

And what memorable occasion goes without a flashmob these days? Here’s one organized by Russian space agency Roscosmos, with Gagarin’s second-most famous “Raise your head!” comment as the slogan.

While Russia’s Yandex web search platform has, as per usual, styled its  with a very picturesque and detailed recap of Gagarin’s flight.