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Ninja kid attacks wedding dress while bride walks down the aisle (VIDEO)

Ninja kid attacks wedding dress while bride walks down the aisle (VIDEO)
A dive-bombing, dress-attacking child in the Irish capital of Dublin may have started a new craze.

Messing with the bride is a risky move during a wedding, ah but sure, he’s cute, how could you complain?

Bride Tanya Malone was walking down the aisle this weekend when her nephew Rhys succumbed to temptation and took a good run and jump onto the trail of her dress.

Luckily for Tanya, the incident didn’t trip her up - and the wedding was a success.

Rhys can count his lucky stars as no-one knows fury like that of an angry bride.

Tanya took it all in her stride, barely blinking at Rhys’s leap of faith. They’re all friends now, but just in case you’re worried for his safety, here’s a post-wedding picture showing them all alive and well.

Brides-to-be beware, this video has gone viral and there could be a Rhys lurking along every aisle.