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17 Sep, 2010 22:44

Values Voter Summit descends on Washington

One day after the US Census Bureau released a report showing that in 2009 one in seven Americans lived below the poverty line, the Family Resource Council held its annual Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC.

Participants said they came to take America back.

It isn’t our values, our shared timeless values that have changed,” said Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Indiana). “It’s our leaders that have changed.”

Most prominent Republicans were in attendance.

The White House tries to argue that their stimulus has helped,” said former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. “That’s a bit like saying squirting water from a garden hose is putting out a forest fire.”

Despite the economy being the number one issue on most American’s minds, Former Governor Mike Huckabee said, “You cannot divorce the social issues from the fiscal and financial issues.”

What are these pressing social issues?

According to the National Organization of Marriage, it’s to protect marriage which members said is “under attack.”

Marriage is a fundamental right but there is not a fundamental right to marry whatever you want. Our government, our policies have always regulated who you may marry and who you may not marry,” said Chris Plante.

For the last two years the most outspoken conservative voices have been heard from the Tea Party. TEA; which stands for 'taxed enough already'.

But the Value Voters Summit could be a sign that things are changing. That despite poverty being at an all time high in more than 15 years, that what America really needs is to ban gay marriage for good and to being God back into the school system.