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Country music star sings for American jobs

Famous American country music singer Mark Wills released a song about the importance of keeping jobs in America and has teamed up with Diamond Gusset Jeans to impassive the importance of supporting US companies.
But given the economic realities of the world today is focusing on America only a pointless move? US companies continue to move jobs abroad where it’s easier to do business and continue to turn a profit, something more challenging to do under the current American system.Emphasizing hope and the responsibility of every American, “Looking For America” recalls a time in which America was united as one, happy and prosperous. Explaining freedom is not free, the song calls on all Americans to get their country back on tract by returning to a system of strict Christian morals. Wills said his dabble into politics was less about policy and more about supporting the United States and what it used to be. “When Diamond Gusset came to the table for us to partner up to get this song out there for people to hear, it just seemed like a fit natural fit,” he explained.The song and the campaign behind it remind people of the importance of supporting American business and ideals. “As an American it is up to me. I have the right to choose what I buy and I have the opportunity every time I walk into a store to either purchase something that is made in America or is made overseas. If I can support my country with the people that are here making something I use just as easy as I can buy something form oversees, I try to do that,” Wills said. “When I have the opportunity to buy something American, I definitely do.” Given the trend of decline in American manufacturing, Wills hopes change in the future. For the sake of the US and other economies, jobs need to become more local. “When you take jobs out of your own countrymen’s hands, whether it be here, wherever, anywhere in Europe, in Russia, wherever, when you take jobs out of your own countrymen’s hands and give them to someone else you are paying for someone else to do that job and taking a job away from them when they could make a living,” he commented. “That should be our first goal as Americans, to support American here in our country.” Most political and media rhetoric in the US blames China, not politicians or major corporations. Wills said one could spend all day blaming others, when in fact each person should move beyond blame and do what they can as an individual to support American jobs. “My whole thing has been to support America,” he added. “It’s up to each one of us to do what we can to support our country, whether that means buying an American car or buying jeans that are made here in America, or whatever it is. It’s really up to each and every one of us to do our part.”