Texas nationalists in fight against illegal immigrants

Texas nationalists are urging Governor Rick Perry to take action to stop the US federal government from sending illegal immigrants to the Lone Star State.

The Texas Nationalist Movement is calling on the Governor to use force to stop the move.

Getting illegal immigrants out of the country seemed to be a positive step, but according to Texas Nationalist Movement President Daniel Miller, this is doing much more harm than good. He is urging Texas to use their own rangers to prohibit these people from passing through.

“What we have here is a program of homeland security from the federal government,” he said.

“It takes illegal immigrants that come across the border, that are caught at the border crossing between Mexico and the Southern border states, puts them on buses and ships them to Texas only to release them and give them the choice of going to face that you are in the desert – or come back to Texas”.

“This program is, in essence, punishing Texas for our independent stand,” Miller claims.