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11 Jun, 2010 23:16

Already strained US-UK relationship grows on the soccer field

The longtime friendship between the US and Great Britain is commonly referred to as quote “a special relationship.” But with the oil spill in the Gulf, tensions between the two countries are thick and getting thicker.

As frightening images continue to pour in and a solution remains far off, the country behind the company is being scorned by some, now there are calls from some British newspapers for Prime Minister David Cameron to stand up for his country. Other reports show Brits a US President Barack Obama, and blame him for the fast decline of BP stock. Since April, when the disaster in the Gulf first occurred, the price of shares has dropped more than 40 percent. This for a company considered to be one of Britain’s most valuable and successful.

The Brit bashing may at least be expected in one venue – on the soccer field as the US and England prepare to face off on Saturday.

When you have two international teams that are both well-respected playing against each other it’s pretty fun,” said Aaron DeNu, who was wearing a USA soccer jersey today on the streets of Washington DC.

Other fans shared messages they had for England:

To England – you’re going down,” said James Norton. “You might have invented the game but we’ve mastered it.

I love the Brits,” said Ernesto Gluecksmann. “I love the English but not this time, not this game.”

We’re gonna give them a little taste of the Revolutionary War when the U.S. brings it on to them,” said Justin Herman.

It is just a game among rivals with a little bit of history.