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19 Jun, 2009 04:39

Sleeping prophet laid hopes on Russia

American psychic Edgar Cayce predicted the biggest events of the 20th century. “The sleeping prophet”, as he was called, also saw a special global role for Russia.

The start and end of both World Wars, the lifting of the Great Depression, the death of two U.S. presidents – Edgar Cayce predicted all of these events.

He is the most documented psychic of all time. In a library in Virginia dedicated to his work lie the records of 14,000 of his readings. There’s also a couch from which Cayce did the majority of his readings. He’d simply lie down, fold his arms across his chest, and go to sleep – hence his nickname.

Cayce transformed many lives through medical and spiritual healing. Some are still alive to tell their stories – like June Bro, who worked with and had a personal reading by Edgar Cayce.

“It was an experience that shaped my whole life, and he was right-on with everything,” she confesses.

There are still other predictions that seem likely to manifest.

“He said that China would become the world economic power; that civilization would move to China. When he said that in the 20s and 30s, no one believed it, but now it’s like ‘Oh yeah, that’s exactly what’s going to happen,” said Kevin Todeschi from the Association for Research and Enlightenment.

In 1944, Cayce made another bold prediction – through Russia, he said, will come the hope of the world.

So what could he have meant?

“Ultimately, what Russia has to offer is an ideal that every person is responsible for every other person. That ideal, is what is going to transform the world,” believes Kevin Todeschi.