No Latinos, No tacos: Hackers place racist message on Miami road sign

Hackers in Miami targeted an electric billboard placing the slogan “No Latinos No Tacos” on a flashing construction sign on a major roadway in south Florida.

The sign was supposed to be displaying a message warning drivers that the coming exit was closed to traffic.

Officials attempted to change the text on the sign back to its intended message, but were unable to do so and were forced to simply turn off the sign. Miami police are investigating the incident.

South Florida is a heavily Latin influenced region of the United States. The city of Miami is an international city with Latinos coming from across Latin America.

Miami is a city run by Latinos,” said RT Producer Carmen Sesin in Miami.

Although some were offended, many simply brushed off the occurrence recognizing that the Latino population is the majority.

Americans who don’t speak Spanish are at a disadvantage here in Miami. It is almost Latin America,” said Sesin.