Unresolved issues between Russia and US remain – analyst

Commenting on President Medvedev’s assessment of US President Barack Obama in Medvedev’s review of 2009, political analyst Vladimir Kozin says that there are still some unresolved issues between Russia and the US.

“Unfortunately, the US military industrial complex is still exerting tremendous pressure on Mr. Obama, because we are approaching positive results in signing a newly updated START treaty very soon,” Kozin told RT. “But at the same time, there has been no progress in scrapping tactical nuclear weapons in Europe, no progress in downsizing ballistic missile defense, no progress on conventional weapons stored in Europe, in five categories. So, what now? We have to tackle those issues very seriously, enhancing and maintaining security, for example, in Europe and the Trans-Atlantic relationship on qualitative new grounds by signing, for example, another breakthrough treaty – the treaty on European security.”