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4 Oct, 2010 23:52

Glenn Beck fails to fill seats at NJ rally

Glenn Beck, the Fox News face of the Tea Party movement fails to mobilize at a New Jersey tour kick-off rally, just months after his massive Washington, DC rally.

Four weeks from midterm elections, Tea Party supporters mobilized once again around their man. A suburban procession of Americans trickled into a New Jersey stadium in Great Adventure, where Glenn Beck was scheduled to hit the stage. A line-up of conservatives and familiar Fox News faces criticized the federal government for wasteful spending and violating Constitutional rights.

We have the power within our hands to draw a line in front of the government and say thou shall not pass,” said Judge Andrew Napolitano, a Fox News legal analyst.

Those in attendance said there are many reason to head to the polls next month to vote out the Democrats.

We gotta get rid of the socialist medicine that Obama’s trying to stick it to us with," said Ed Bennig.

Others like Joanne, who refused to give her last name, accused President Obama of stripping hard working Americans of their income.

I don’t care whether you call it a tax. I don’t care what you call the thing where you’re taking my money with. Just don’t take any more of my money,” said Joanne.

But the price to hear Glenn Beck in person doesn’t necessarily come for free. Cash strapped Americans paid up to $75 dollars per ticket to enter the arena. $125 dollars would get you into a VIP area where the main attraction remained heavily guarded by officers and US Marshalls. Sources told RT that Beck was paid $100,000 dollars for headlining the event. However, the Fox host refused to give interviews.

Beck stepped on stage at 7pm, in a stadium that holds 8,500 people. He was supposed to have a sold out crowed. Problem was, roughly 800 people bothered to show to up.

Twenty minutes into Beck's speech, security told RT to stop filming. Although the channel was accredited, officials said Beck's handlers didn't want the event documented.

So we broke down our gear and hung around to listen as he spoke out against Washington's reckless foreign policies and domestic priorities.

I don’t want to be the world’s policeman. I’m tired of being the world’s policeman,” said Beck.

If we could have spoken to him, we would have advised the tired commentator to take a seat, there certainly were plenty of them.