“Gay community feels let down by Obama”

Barack Obama came into office promising a lot of things to a lot of people, among them the gay community, and after seven months in office they feel let down by the US President.

Obama is currently facing strong criticism not only from Republicans, but from those who voted for him, some of whom say he’s failing to live up to expectations. The president hasn’t been vocal on the issue of gay marriage since being inaugurated, and some are asking if he just said “the right things” in order to get support, or whether he simply has not had enough time.

“A lot of people in the community are feeling let down and disappointed, but I don’t think that Obama lied,” said Kevin Naff, editor of the Washington Blade newspaper.

“You have to consider the environment we are in – he’s got his hands full with the economy, with the wars, so gay rights were obviously not at the top of his agenda.”