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“US – Bolivia relations to warm under Evo Morales”

Despite US – Bolivia relations remaining bumpy, both countries would see improved relations under Evo Morales in his second term, said Rebecca Ray of the Centre for Economic and Policy Research.

“Evo Morales’s drug officials have put out a new strategy, emphasizing stronger, more constructive relationships with United States and working together more closely to eradicate the production of cocaine. I think in the coming years we are going to see a closer, more constructive, more positive relationship,” Ray told RT.

“I think one of the reasons why the State Department did come up and congratulate Morales on his win is because this new strategy has been put forward,” she added.

Bolivia's left-wing president looks to be headed for a landslide second term, as exit polls suggest he has secured over sixty per cent of the votes.

Evo Morales is known to be fiercely anti-US, along with fellow Latin American president Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. He is already pledging to speed-up his radical reforms, including strengthening state control of the economy.