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America too politically correct?

The media has been fixated on the alleged Herman Cain sexual harassment scandal, though his accusers have yet to come forward and tell the public what exactly happened.

Despite the media frenzy over the issue, do voters really care?Apparently not in Iowa, where they seem unfazed by his alleged promiscuity back in the 90’s.Following the recent revelations, Cain is keeping his position on top.“The day after the story ran, Herman Cain’s campaign said they raised more than 300,000 dollars in one day,” said Alex Pappas, Senior Political Reporter at The Daily Caller.A post-scandal Rasmussen poll shows that Cain is still in the lead, with 26 percent of likely Republican primary voters supporting him.Could it be that Americans are realizing that they are just too politically correct?Another Rasmussen poll shows 79 percent of Americans see political correctness as a serious problem in the nation. So does America need to learn how to take a joke?Cain has shown that he is not overly concerned with remaining PC, as shown by him “joking” about building a barbed wire, electric fence to keep illegal immigrants out of the country. “Who knows, once we find out what these allegations were it could just be the way Herman Cain is…that he jokes and somebody took it the wrong way,” said Pappas.In the race to become the next Republican nominee, we are likely to hear a lot more dirt dished on the candidates past. The question is, do voters care as much as the mainstream media?  Or are they more focused on who will best lead the country out of its present quagmire.