Cheney accused of going too far in Obama criticism

CIA Director Leon Panetta has accused former Vice President Dick Cheney of overstepping the mark in his criticism of Barack Obama’s approach to anti-terrorism.

The former Vice President claims that banning harsh CIA interrogation techniques puts the US at risk of another terrorist attack.

CIA boss Panetta says Cheney almost wants the US to be attacked again to make a point, AP reports.

In an article for its June 22 issue, Panetta told The New Yorker that Cheney “smells some blood in the water” on the issue of national security.

In several interviews Cheney has said that he thinks Obama is making the US less safe.

RT asked European Parliament Member Guilietto Chiesa whether he thinks Cheney has a point.

“I don’t believe Mr Cheney is right. The impression we had in Europe after the work of the European Extraordinary Commission is that there has been a very serious violation of international law during all the period under Mr Cheney”.