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Who Wants to be a Millionaire? ATM edition

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? ATM edition
New Yorkers are left wondering who was in such a hurry after withdrawing $400 from an East Hampton ATM that they didn’t have time to toss the receipt for the transaction in the trash. And why did the person have $100 million in his savings account?

The financial tabloid site Dealbreaker.com has posited an image of an ATM withdrawal receipt from June 18 that shows that after taking out $400 from an ATM in the resort town of East Hampton — and succumbing to the ludicrous fee of $2.75 — an unknown person was left with $99,864,731.94 in their savings account.

Initial reports linked the transaction to hedge-fund manager and Appaloose Management chief David Teper, but the financial wiz has since denied allegations. Though Tepper purchased property in the nearby town of Sagaponack earlier this year, he tells The New York Post that he “wasn’t in the Hamptons in June at all,” which makes him an unlikely candidate for the transaction.

He adds that "I would never do something as irresponsible as leaving $100 million in a savings account.”

Something Tepper would do, however, is shell out $43.5 million in cash for the Sagaponack mansion — only to quickly demolish the 6,100-square-foot home so that he could build a new residence of nearly twice the size. He even demolished the guesthouse, swimming pool and tennis court on the property, which use to belong to the ex-wife of former New Jersey governor Jon Corzine.

A study by Business Week earlier this year put Sagaponack as the most expensive small town in America; the median price of a home there costs around $3.4 million.

Four hundred bones would get you around 0.0001 of that.

In the meantime, New Yorkers are left wondering if this was a hoax or if someone is really walking around with $100 million at the disposal. And if they can borrow a few bucks.