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Americans pessimistic about US economy

Americans pessimistic about US economy
A new New York Times/CBS News poll revealed Americans hold a negative view on the future of the US economy, many believing the US is on the wrong track.

The number of Americans who feel the future is dim jumped by 13 percentage points in just one month to 39 percent and the number of those who felt the economy was improving fell to 23 percent. These are the most pessimistic outlook figures since US President Barack Obama took office in 2008.

70 percent of those who responded said the country was moving in the wrong direction was not on the right track for the future. They felt both Obama and the US Congress are out of touch with the priorities of the American people.

Both the US Congress and the President have been facing steady declines in their approval ratings as more and more Americans begin to worry more about their futures.

57 percent of respondents indicated they disapprove of Obama’s handling of the US economy and 75 percent disapprove of how the Congress is handling the issue. 46 percent of the people approve of Obama generally, while 45 percent disapprove.

Obama does garner more support however for his proposal to raise taxes on wealthy Americans. 72 percent agreed with that idea, but many still disapproved of his job overall.

More than half, 57 percent, hold negative views of congressional Republicans. Only 37 percent approve of their work thus far. Democrats in Congress hold an approval rating of 49 percent and a disapproval rating of 44 percent.