US and Russia can work together as it was in WWII – US veteran

“We were called by our commander who received an important communique announcing the first victory over German Army. He said, ‘The tide has turned,’” recalls John Kapstein, a US veteran, who was then in North Africa.

John Kapstein was awarded an order of friendship for contributing to good relationship between the US and the Soviet Union.

“When the cultural exchange treaty was signed with the Soviet Union, I said, ‘Let’s get into the culture business, because that will let the Soviets know… that we really care for good relations,’” says Mr. Kapstein.

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“Later, when the Bolshoi ballet came to see us, it showed that Russians didn’t have horns, that they were people like us” , recalls Mr. Kapstein.

The meeting of the American and Soviet forces on River Elbe was is one of Mr Kapstein’s most vivid memories.

“It showed that what we could do in war we could do in peace”, says John Kapstein.