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15 Apr, 2010 20:49

Alex Jones reacts to news of potential oil shortages

In a new report, US military officials are warning of a drop in oil production as early as 2012 and a deficit by 2015, but Alex Jones says that this may be true, and if so, it is the result of a conspiracy.

 As the economy rebounds, so has oil usage. The amount of oil used in 2010 is projected to be the largest on record. The US Joint Forces Command is now projecting that there will be a drop in oil surpluses beginning in 2012 and as soon as 2015, there could be a deficit of nearly 10 million barrels per day. Oil prices had fallen dramatically in recent years, but new estimates have the price of oil going back over $100 a barrel this year.

Although the US military is not giving their estimate as official US policy, observers say the comments are important as the US military is the largest consumer of oil in the world. The International Energy Agency, based in Paris, continues to issue assessments downplaying the short-term chances of oil shortages, but many specialists in the field believe this optimism is naïve.

However, others think the military’s assessment is based in a deeper conspiracy.

“We see hype coming out of government in the west claiming that we have peak oil and there isn’t enough oil in the ground, but I live in Texas; you can find oil just about anywhere. The world is awash in petroleum, but there is a shortage in refining capacity, especially in the west,” said radio host Alex Jones. “This is really just propaganda and just an excuse to invade more countries.”

"This is a larger geopolitical battle taking place here," said Jones. "Really, it’s like deBeers and the diamond monopoly. We’re not running out of oil, but we haven’t built a new refinery in more than 25 years. They have created an artificial scarcity and just basically rob people."