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Copy me! Clinton implies Trump stole her slogan

Copy me! Clinton implies Trump stole her slogan
Two-time Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has poked fun at the Republicans over their use of the slogan from her 2016 campaign. The GOP taunted her by proposing a new face-off against Donald Trump.

A poster showing President Donald Trump with a quote from his rally speech: “We are only getting stronger together” was posted by the GOP’s Twitter account on Tuesday. Commenters were quick to point out – many with sarcasm – that the phrase reminds them a lot something from recent political history. “Stronger together” was the slogan of the Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign as well as the title of a book she co-authored with her running mate Tim Kaine.

Neither managed to secure a victory for the Democrats, but at least she could find some solace by joining the mocking crowd and apparently accusing Trump and the Republicans of plagiarism. “Now copy my plan on health care, a fairer tax system, and voting rights,” she remarked.

The Republicans promptly hit back, saying Clinton can take the slogan back as long as she runs for the third time.

The phrase was said by Trump during an event in El Paso, Texas, which was technically his first re-election rally.

Both Clinton and Trump, should they challenge each other for the use of the phrase, may face a strong claim from singer Shannon, who released a single of that same name back in 1985.

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