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Roseanne to interview herself as media 'untrustworthy' to tell the truth about racist tweet saga

Roseanne to interview herself as media 'untrustworthy' to tell the truth about racist tweet saga
Rather than risk a "stressful and untrustworthy" interview with the press, Roseanne Barr – whose show was cancelled over a racist tweet – will give “the entire explanation of what happened and why”...in an interview with herself.

Barr told her fans to “sign up and get ready” for her interview, which will be filmed and posted on her YouTube channel in the next week.

The ex-’Roseanne’ star was recently fired from the 2018 reboot of her ’80s and ’90s show following a racist tweet about ex-President Barack Obama’s former adviser, Valerie Jarrett. With ABC Entertainment quickly distancing themselves from the sitcom star, she blamed the tweet on a bad decision made at 2am while under the influence of sleeping pills.

To prepare the world for what type of ‘self interview’ Barr has in mind, she posted an old episode of her web show ‘She’s So High’. In the 2015 clip, the ex-Roseanne star promises that she is “all that stands between you and a load of b******t.”

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After the debacle, Barr said she “horribly regretted” sending out the tweet. She later said that she had been offered “many things” since losing the gig on Roseanne. “I almost already accepted one really good offer to go back on TV and I might do it,” she said, before adding: “But we’ll see.”

Roseanne’s first episode was a smash hit, watched live by more than 18 million viewers. It was top of the pops as AMC’s highest-rated and most watched series of 2018, which saw the show immediately renewed. After Barr’s tweet brought the show to its knees, the network began work on spin-off ‘The Conners’, which will include all of the main cast without Barr.

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