‘50 Shades of Orange’ and other #TrumpANovel book titles

‘50 Shades of Orange’ and other #TrumpANovel book titles
Creating a parody in 140 characters or less is a challenge, but tweeters have jumped at the chance when it comes to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. The latest hashtag to trend, #TrumpANovel, reimagines book titles for the GOP candidate.

Many on Twitter have tied their new titles to the leaked audio scandal ‒ in which Trump declared he could grab women by their lady bits ‒ and other misogynistic comments he’s made.

Some people looked more at his penchant for lying ‒ or calling out others for untruths.

Orange played a large role.

Trump’s policy proposals, favorite phrases and campaign slogan were also popular.

In some cases, tweeters thought the titles were just fine as they were.

Trump-ified takes on pop culture are nothing new. Last week, #TrumpBookReport trended, based on the GOP candidate’s seemingly clueless answers during the final debate, which people compared to a student giving a report on a book he hadn’t read. In August, #TrumpExplainsMoviePlots took Twitter by storm.