‘Sheen’ spotted on Lake Ontario near nuclear power plant

‘Sheen’ spotted on Lake Ontario near nuclear power plant
US Coast Guard officials have established a safe zone after finding a "sheen" coating the surface of Lake Ontario, near a nuclear power plant in upstate New York.

The Coast Guard spotted the film on Sunday near the FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant, which is located on the coast of Lake Ontario about 40 miles north of Syracuse, New York, AP reported. It is unclear if the plant has anything to do with the sheen.

A boat crew from the US Coast Guard Station Oswego is enforcing a temporary safety zone extending two miles in each direction from the center of the shiny substance.

The crew has taken samples from the water in the affected area.

Representatives from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation were also at the site, AP reported.

The plant’s owner, Louisiana-based Entergy Corp, announced last year it would close FitzPatrick by mid-2017, citing high operating costs. State authorities have been opposed to the shutdown.