Murder suspect attempts to grab officer’s gun while in custody (VIDEO)

Murder suspect attempts to grab officer’s gun while in custody (VIDEO)
Surveillance cameras captured the moment a murder suspect in Cincinnati police custody attempted to grab an officer's gun.

On Tuesday, Thomas Robinson, 23, was having his handcuffs transferred to a uniformed officer after investigators finished questioning him when he attempted to snatch Officer James Ball’s gun from his holster. 

Robinson, who was being questioned in relation to the shooting of a 17-year-old in Westwood, Cincinnati, got into a tense scuffle with Officer Ball as both men wrestled for the weapon.

Almost immediately, policemen responded by deploying two Tasers on the suspect as he repeatedly yelled, “Kill me.”

The video was released by Cincinnati Police on Friday with CPD Lieutenant Steve Saunders saying the officers showed “great restraint” by tasing Robinson instead of using “lethal force,” according

"They handled themselves extremely well in a very difficult and trying circumstance," said Saunders to WLWT.

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"As a police officer, that's probably one of the worst nightmares you can play out in your head is somebody struggling with you over your gun," he added.

Officer Ball was reportedly struck in the face during the struggle and Robinson is now facing additional charges of assaulting a police officer.

Robinson was arraigned on Wednesday on multiple charges, including murder and assault. He is currently being held at Hamilton County Jail on bonds set at more than $1.5 million.