Vox editor suspended over Tweets

Vox editor suspended over Tweets
A deputy editor of Vox was suspended on Friday after taking to Twitter on Thursday to encourage people to riot in the event that Trump visits their town. Vox founder Ezra Klein released a statement on the website condemning Emmett Rensin’s words.

In a tweet reading, “Advice: If Trump comes to your town, start a riot,” the deputy editor of Vox’s first person section, Emmett Rensin, apparently violated Vox’s standards. Emmett has been placed on suspension for an unspecified amount of time as a result.

In a statement condemning the tweet, Ezra Klein wrote that, while Vox encourages debates and discussions, “direct encouragement of riots crosses a line between expressing a contrary opinion and directly encouraging dangerous, illegal activity. We welcome a variety of viewpoints, but we do not condone writing that could put others in danger.

Rensin’s tweet came in the wake of anti-Trump protests that turned violent on Thursday in San Diego, where 35 demonstrators were arrested after clashing with the police.

Rensin began his ill-fated Twitter spiel by saying: “Let’s be clear: It’s never a shame to storm the barricades set up around a fascist.

He went on to call out anti-Trump protesters that condemned him for hypocrisy and defend the San Diego rioters.

Rensin proceeded to compare the anti-Trump protests to those in Baltimore and Ferguson, which followed the deaths of unarmed African-Americans at the hands of the police.