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Political pranksters gain momentum on their ‘heckling’ campaign trail

Political pranksters gain momentum on their ‘heckling’ campaign trail
Two comedians have been making it their mission to get kicked out of presidential campaign rallies by jeering both Republican and Democratic candidates, with somewhat unusual heckles.

The most recent heckle at a Marco Rubio rally in Florida, involved one of the men declaring that Rubio was trying to steal his girlfriend before being escorted out of the building.

Davram Stiefler told the audience “Marco Rubio is trying to steal my girlfriend – they met in New Hampshire and she doesn’t look at me in the same way anymore.”

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However it was the prankster himself who met Rubio in New Hampshire last month under a different guise along with his partner in crime Jason Selvig.

The two men attempted an exorcism of sort on Cruz claiming he had a “demonic soul,” and that “evil” should “leave” his body.

They also appeared in the audience of a Hillary Clinton rally in New Hampshire wearing t-shirts bearing the slogan “Settle for Hillary”

Together Selvig and Stiefler make up the comedy duo The Good Liars and although they have been performing election stunts since January, they have managed to remain largely under the radar.

The pair were removed from a Trump rally in January after they repeatedly shouted “this is boring”.

They also made a video of their attempt to build a wall around Trump Tower which they dubbed the “asshole wall”.