Tale of two rings: Wrestler proposes to opponent, then knocks her out (VIDEO)

This San Diego match on Saturday featured a romantic twist. © joeyryan
Love and romance took center ring during a wrestling match in the US city of San Diego this weekend.

Professional wrestler Joey Ryan was losing to his opponent Laura James during an intergender face-off Saturday when he slyly retrieved a ring and took a knee.

Happily for Ryan, James said yes. In celebration, he did what any self-respecting professional wrestler would do in this situation - and bodyslammed his future wife to the ground.

While professional wrestling might be fake, let’s hope this moment wasn’t.

Either way, it riled up the crowd.

Despite the whole sweaty men in spandex tights thing, wrestling has been known for inspiring romance before.

And it doesn’t even need to be humans wrestling, as this couple proved in Wisconsin.