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It’s a boy! Dad & state trooper deliver baby during traffic stop on Alabama highway

It’s a boy! Dad & state trooper deliver baby during traffic stop on Alabama highway
A dad helped deliver his own son during a speeding stop on an Alabama highway. The baby can now brag that a traffic ticket was his very first official document. However, instead of a list of infractions, it contains the unusual details of his birth.

The father, Danny Lowe of Huntsville, cannot recall how fast he was going at the time when Trooper Michael Kesler stopped him for speeding early on Sunday morning. Riding alongside him was his wife – who was just about to give birth to their baby boy. 

“I did not think I was going to have a baby today,” Shawna Lowe told AP. “When the contractions were less than five minutes apart, I knew we had to get in the car and go.”

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Danny knew that Shawna was in pain, so he hit the gas.

Little Barrett decided to enter the world right when Kesler began to question his parents.

“It was ridiculously fast,” said the father, according to AL.com news, while praising the trooper, who assisted in the delivery.

It was indeed a team effort.

“He was awesome,” Lowe said. “He settled me down.”

The speeding ticket was the first document attesting to Barret’s birth.

“This was his official birth certificate because this gave us the time and the details,” said Danny as he showed the ticket to reporters. “He wrote that I was speeding and the wife had a beautiful baby boy.”

Trooper Kesler helped keep Shawna and Barret warm until an ambulance arrived and later joined the family at the Athens Hospital, where he brought flowers, cupcakes, and a newborn starter kit.

“Trooper Kesler’s actions today exemplify the mission of the Alabama State Troopers – to serve and protect,” Secretary of Law Enforcement Spencer Collier said. 

According to the father, both the baby boy and his mom are doing fine.

Danny Lowe was not given a real ticket for the incident.