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14 Jan, 2016 21:56

A hashtag divided: President’s #AskPOTUS Q&A session on Twitter shows country's mood

A hashtag divided: President’s #AskPOTUS Q&A session on Twitter shows country's mood

#AskPOTUS is one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter, with almost 30,000 tweets. President Barack Obama responded to a few questions that gave him the opportunity to advocate his policies, but Twitter users were interested in a variety of topics.

The president had just finished a town hall meeting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and held the online Q&A session from the same location.  The social media event comes two days after his last State of the Union address.

Obama spoke out against Islamophobia, which has been on the rise in the face of recent terror attacks carried out by radicalized Muslims.

The the president took a nostalgic look back at passing the still-controversial Affordable Care Act, which he considers a crowning achievement of his administration.

Doubling down on his support of tighter gun regulations, Obama even gave pro-gun control resources.

The former Illinois senator also answered a question related to professional basketball rather than politics.

It is the unanswered questions, however, that may have gleaned the most insight into the mood of the American people.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) took the president to task for what he sees as stagnation of middle class wages under the current administration.

Some users were quick to grill the president about US funding of a supposedly moderate Syrian opposition that in fact had links to Islamic terrorism.

Others asked about his stance on immigration, which resulted in a recent amnesty executive order that was ruled illegal by a federal court.

As ever, some Twitter users just used the hashtag as an opportunity to be funny.