Wild West at Twin Peaks: Waco biker gang shootout CCTV footage released (VIDEO)

Wild West at Twin Peaks: Waco biker gang shootout CCTV footage released (VIDEO)
Texas authorities have made public surveillance footage of the epic May shootout between two biker gangs and police in Waco that left nine people dead and put 177 behind bars. The case remains largely unsolved and no indictments have been made.

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The skirmish between the Bandidos and Cossacks took place on May 17 and marked the deadliest day in the history of American motorcycle clubs. The parking lot outside the Twin Peaks restaurant was full of wounded bikers, nine of whom died.

Police patrols that arrived at the scene joined the shooting, but no officers were wounded. When law enforcement started to disarm people, it turned out nearly everyone was armed. Police arrested 177 gang members. Officers found over 1,000 weapons including 151 guns, a pile of knives, brass knuckles, clubs and other stuff.

Both clans accused each other for starting the shootout. Their lawyers said the mass arrests were unjustified as most of the bikers were taking shelter from the hail of bullets inside the restaurant and not shooting.

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The investigation has reached a dead-end. No indictments have been made and no names of any suspects have been released. Likewise, autopsy results and ballistic reports have not been made public.

Allegedly having 900 members, the Bandidos are classified by the Texas Department of Public Safety as Tier 2, the second most dangerous classification regarding outlaw motorcycle gangs. The Cossacks are believed to be allied with the Hells Angels, who are the long-standing and chief rival of the Bandidos.