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Squiggling spaghetti: Mysteriously organized lines of worms appear in Texas park

Squiggling spaghetti: Mysteriously organized lines of worms appear in Texas park
Stringy clumps of living, squiggling worms in inexplicably organized lines have turned up in the middle of the road in Texas state park. The ‘spaghetti’ phenomena puzzled scientists as the piles were only found in one park.

“Rangers at Eisenhower State Park near the Oklahoma border found these clumps of earthworms in the road. Recent flooding may have brought out this herding behavior,” said Texas Parks and Wildlife, the state agency that protects wildlife and their habitats.

Eisenhower State Park said it was puzzled by the “spaghetti” phenomena as the piles were only found in this exact park that was closed off to vehicles because of recent floods.

WHAT?! Can anybody explain this strange phenomenon? These worms gathered in clumps on some back roads of the park.Posted by Eisenhower State Park - Texas Parks and Wildlife on vendredi 29 mai 2015

Why have the worms started congregating on the roads? Has the recent rain brought them together? Let us know what you think!” the park, which covers 423 acres of land, wrote on its Facebook page.

Park Superintendent Ben Herman told ABC News that “even our biologist doesn’t know why they’re spaced so well and in the line.”

“We were all fascinated by what happened,” he added. “It was pretty entertaining to watch the worms do their thing.”

The rangers decided to poke the squiggling piles with a stick to ensure that there were only worms in the clumps.

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