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‘We found the G-spot’: Polish prince launches new ‘Polish Pride’ party for EU migrants

‘We found the G-spot’: Polish prince launches new ‘Polish Pride’ party for EU migrants
A Polish aristocrat will set up a British political party for the local elections in May. Prince John Zylinski, who once challenged Nigel Farage to a duel, is back in the headlines after seeking Polish political representation.

Zylinski, who also intends to stand as a London mayoral candidate, believes he can win this year’s local elections by fielding up to 100 candidates across the capital. He said the party would appeal to all EU citizens as it fights for the rights of Poles and others in the UK.

“I think I’m the ideal candidate to use my Polish army to protect and support all the minorities, and in fact all the communities,” he told the Evening Standard. “We’ve touched a nerve here… we’ve found the G-spot of the Polish people.”

Policies would include making ‘Europhobia’ a new criminal offence. They would also see that EU “newcomers” who are legally resident in the UK are granted full citizenship.

The party plans to target areas with large Polish communities, such as Ealing. “The Poles are Britain’s closest allies. The Battle of Britain was being lost until the Polish pilots arrived. Yet, we have virtually no political representation in the UK,” he said.

Zylinski said that, despite the party’s name, it wouldn't be nationalistic but would rather seek to protect all EU citizens. The property millionaire and son of a Polish war hero said:

“I have a sensitivity to the needs of all communities, because fundamentally they all have the same issues.

“I don’t want anybody to think this is a nationalist movement; it’s just we’re the largest community, so it’s kind of our responsibility to look after the others.”

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Zylinki unsuccessfully contested the election in London in 2016, finishing in 11th place.

He made the headlines when he symbolically challenged Farage to a sword duel in Hyde Park in 2015 over the Brexiteer’s comments on immigration – specifically Farage’s claim that immigrants were responsible for traffic jams on the M40.

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