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3 Sep, 2016 20:06

Comedian Eddie Izzard’s pink beret stolen while thousands #marchforeurope (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Comedian Eddie Izzard’s pink beret stolen while thousands #marchforeurope (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Huge crowds of anti-Brexit, pro-EU Brits marched through central London Saturday, while police had to arrest a man for ripping off comedian Eddie Izzard’s iconic pink beret during the protest.

In a hilarious scene that could have be part of a new comedy special, the high heel-wearing Remainer, who famously ran 27 marathons in 27 days earlier this year, was recorded chasing a man who stole his French cap – and finally reclaiming it with the help of the police.

The march had arrived in Whitehall at the time, when a man dressed in black with a bandana covering his face, grabbed the hat and made a run for it down the street.

He was quickly tackled and wrestled to the ground, where the beret was handed back to Izzard.

Some Twitter users decided to have the last laughs of the moment.

London, Birmingham, Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh all held demonstrations as Prime Minister Theresa May heads to China to work out a Brexit plan with world leaders.

Just days earlier, she ruled out a parliamentary vote on triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

The series of protests were backed by Labour politician Chuka Umunna, Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas, and Izzard.

While #marchforeurope was trending on Twitter throughout the day, the protests did not draw the same number of people as the demonstrations in July, when some 30,000 people attended, according to The Telegraph.

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