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23 Sep, 2015 13:37

‘I’ve had enough of Manchester!’ Iranian immigrant begs police to deport him

‘I’ve had enough of Manchester!’ Iranian immigrant begs police to deport him

Upon handing himself in, at a Manchester police station, an Iranian man demanded officers deport him back to his home country because he had ‘had enough’ of living in the city.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) tweeted details of the event on an official account on Tuesday evening: “Male arrested earlier at our front desk when he demanded to be returned home to Iran as he has had enough of Manchester after 10 years.

The man is said to have turned up at the police office in the town hall in the center of Manchester.

They said the individual was “very angry” and “demanding to be returned home.” He had been here “illegally last 10 years,” the police said, adding it had been a “strange incident.”

The Twitter response on Wednesday varied from the comic to the indignant.

User @RyanPitcher said: “I can see it now, some Iranian dude coming in, swinging his arms with a Manc-walk insisting he wants to ‘slide away.’”

Other Twitter users commended the unnamed individual for his staying power, with user ‏@FPL_simon432 tweeting: “10 years in Manchester? Never mind deportation – give the man a medal!

Highlighting a longstanding regional rivalry, @glovemonkey weighed in to say: “I went shopping in Mcr [Manchester] last week. 30 minutes in I wanted to go back to [Liverpool]. Not sure if it’s the city or the shopping.

The case was handed over to immigration officials. Manchester Evening News reported that man was later released.