Russian swing time: UK man launches himself over house

Screenshot from YouTube video by Damien Walters
As a child, Damien Walters always wanted to swing higher than his contemporaries. While most were simply happy to swing back and forth, he wanted to swing 360. Now he has taken ‘swinging’ to a whole new level – propelling himself over a house.

Walters, who was born in the county of Derbyshire in the UK, has a gymnastics background, which certainly gives him an edge. To vault over a two-story house,

he decided to use a regular garden swing, known as a Russian swing, because it can rotate 360 degrees.

He had three helpers on the swing to get enough propulsion, and then there was liftoff.

A number of summersaults followed, before he expertly landed on a crash mat on the other side of the building.

Walters has managed to gain quite a following on YouTube, with over half a million subscribers, and he has also appeared as a stunt double and performer in a number of high profile movies.