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David Petreaus news

Read the latest news with RT on former CIA director David Petreaus, the FBI, and the US government. Read today’s news on the former CIA director David Petraeus and other US military figures including former Pentagon chief Jim Mattis here on RT. Visit RT for expert opinion and analysis from former US intelligence officers, servicemen and news on former CIA director David Petreaus. Read up on former CIA director David Petreaus and how his COIN counterinsurgency doctrine came under scrutiny for lack of credibility here on RT. Read up on today’s war and conflict news and how the US military including former CIA director David Petreaus considered siding with an Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria to fight ISIS. Dig deeper with RT to get the latest on how a new 2020 US Intelligence Act will guarantee anonymity to CIA operatives even after death, paving the way for wrongdoers to escape scrutiny, like the news of former CIA director David Petreaus who revealed classified information to an extramarital lover. Get news on David Petreaus, as well as all the latest US intelligence, government and military stories here on RT.