Russia and Romania bind sporting ties

With less than two years to go until the Olympic Games in London, Romania has become the latest nation to sign a sports partnership agreement with Russia.

­Russia's National Olympic Committee president, Aleksandr Zhukov met up with his Romanian counterpart, Octavian Morariu.

”I think we share common past and that is something we need to treasure and appreciate. But what is more important is that we have common future,” Octavian Morariu stressed.  

The two countries have pledged to uphold common international policies as well as maintaining cooperation in areas such as training techniques and sports science, as part of a four-year agreement.

“We have long-standing friendly ties with Romanian athletes and coaches. Toady we’ve signed an agreement on holding joint training sessions and events. I think that these days there are many kinds of sport in Romania that can be of great interest for Russia,” Aleksandr Zhukov said.