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29 Apr, 2010 11:43

Emelianenko Jr. destroys opponent in 44 seconds

Mixed martial arts fighter Aleksandr Emelianenko has made early knock-outs his trademark, as it took him just 44 seconds to defeat Eddie Bengtsson and claim the ProFC heavyweight title.

With his older brother Fedor being considered The Baddest Man on the Planet, Aleksandr Emelianenko is still on the way to the top of mixed martial arts.

After beating Eddie Bengtsson for the ProFC title last weekend, Aleksandr's MMA record is now 16 wins to three losses. Yet the way he beat the Swede is even more impressive than his record.

Just 44 seconds into the first round Aleksandr Emelianenko knocked Eddie Bengtsson out with a simple jab, which is an extremely rare thing, both in boxing and mixed fighting.

Such a swift workout seemed to be even slightly disappointing for the winner, who had been expecting quite a different fight.

“I considered Eddy to be tough and patient, and guessed the fight might have been longer and harder for me,” Emelianenko Jr. noted. “My condition was great, but I still did not expect to finish him in forty seconds.”

It was also a significant blow for the spectators who had been looking forward to seeing an exciting competition.

Despite a lot of replays, many were still left wondering how this worked against a former European Greco-Roman wrestling champion.

“The point is that my punch was powerful and, even more importantly, precise. One time a boxing coach told me an interesting story. He was at home with his two-year old son. The kid was just sitting on his knees and wrangling. Suddenly he hit his chin, and the man was knocked down. So sometimes it doesn't take much to knock someone out, especially when your opponent is not prepared for it,” Aleksandr explained.

It is already the fifth win in the 28-year-old’s MMA career, which was claimed in less than a minute. However, he still fully respects anyone he faces in the ring.

“I'm ready to fight against the best men in the sport. But I'd like to emphasize that my victories prove not my opponents' weakness, but my power,” Aleksandr stressed.

“I train harder, I train better, and my motivation is higher. And I am going to get even tougher, as I like knocking my opponents out in forty seconds.”