Best Russian cheerleaders settle scores in Moscow’s annual event

Cheerleaders from around Russia have been taking part in their annual tournament in Moscow. The best known squads come from the United States, but RT went along to check out Russia’s potential.

Cheerleading has come a long way since it first started out as a person vocally urging a crowd to support their team. The United States, with their break riddled sports like American football and basketball, has championed the art of cheerleading morphing it into an entirely new and separate sport, and attracting a whole bunch of enthusiastic followers around the globe including Russia.

“We have many teams here who otherwise support sport clubs, who perform at corporate and social events. We probably cannot compete with the US at the moment, but I believe we’re definitely bringing our own, distinctly Russian touch to it,” says Valentina Novikova, President of Moscow Cheerleading Association.

It’s very physically demanding, very much akin to gymnastics and athletics where risky moves are par for the course. This event, however, was all about the show element of cheerleading, and had plenty of talent and commitment on display including two silver medal winners from the annual 2012 European Cheerleading Championships. But as it turned out the Electra cheerleading team had a difficult task on the day.

Watch the video to learn what the best Russian cheerleading teams had to offer!